2013 "In Our Home" Project Winners

I​n celebration of Pride Week, we proudly present the second annual In Our Home project.

The In Our Home project is an experimental installation that examines the gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered experience as it transpires in a specific room in a home (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc). With that in mind,  we specifically sought material that dealt with issues or characters that identified as gay/lesbian/transgendered or contained a gay sensibility. 

This year, we had an extraordinary number of playwrights submit amazing work, which made our decision especially difficult; but we've made our selections.  


  • Mary & Elizabeth Wait for Delivery written by Paul Goehrke
  •  Down There written by Sharon Goldner
  •  Under Ground written by Stephanie Bok
  •  I Love Lezzie written by Allison Fradkin
  •  Four Dry Tongues written by Alex Dremann
  •  Defrost written by Tony Foster
  • DOMAcile written by Peter Dorogoff

The 2013 In Our Home: Brooklyn Pride installation project will be on June 21, 22 and 23, 2013 in a home near you; so stay tuned for more information.  

We'll keep you posted!