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We are an experimental, interdisciplinary theatre company that is committed to expressing the human experience by using the storytelling art-form of the West African Griot.  We incorporate various mediums such as: Visual Arts, Video, Music and Theatre to create an experimental, multimedia, sensorial experience for our audience.

As a volunteer staff of four women of color, we work tirelessly to tell stories that express the struggle to understand ourselves and the world around us; to create works that excite, inflame and heal as we recreate the intimacy and tradition of the storytelling art‐form.

Why name our theater company "Modern-Day Griot"?

A griot (GREE oh) is a storyteller, singer, musician and oral historian (pretty much an African troubadour-historian). They often sing songs telling stories of their cultural heritage and traditions.  Founded in the Summer of 2010, our theater was formed because we wanted to create an entity which preserved the story-telling tradition of the West African Griot.  It is our desire that Modern-Day Griot Theatre Company produce works that will entertain, educate and heal for we exist to tell stories.


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