Cultural Equity and Progressive Social Change

We believe that through art, we can work against all forms of bias
and oppression.  Through art, we can promote cultural equity as
well as evolutionary and revolutionary social change.

Innovative and Transformational Artistry
It is our goal to produce work that furthers cultural ideas, strengthens
political consciousness and impacts society.  We believe that artistic
innovation goes a long way in doing just that.  With innovation, there’s openness to new and emergent approaches, disciplines, issues, concepts and identities.

Artist Development
We are committed to creating opportunities for underrepresented artists as well as provide education programs that bring theatre-based methodologies and hands-on experience to improve/increase their skillset.

Emanating from the belief that the experience of art and theatre is transformational, we believe that all individuals and communities should have access to the arts.


We are committed to sustainable impact, continuity, and renewal. It is our intention to foster local community partnerships that increase the positive impact of our creative and artistic work. Our goal is to augment the cultural and artistic landscape of Fort Greene, Brooklyn through the artists whose work we support, nurture, develop, present, and promote.

Our Beliefs, Core Values and Philosophy