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The Transit Museum, inspired by the engineering, intricate choreography, and impromptu interactions of your daily commute, created a new series of cross-disciplinary programs created by the public for the public. And guess what?


They've invited Modern-Day Griot Theatre Company to come play!


Join Brooklyn’s own Modern-Day Griot Theatre Company as our talented actors: E.J. An, Jimmy Cintron, Aamira Martinez, Raquel Palmas, Robert Siverls, Dumeha Vernice Thompson and Colin Walker perform Stephanie Bok's What Happened... as directed by Pharah Jean-Philippe.


What Happened...

Can more than one person tell the same story? What happens when someone describes an incident from his or her past? People from different walks of life explore the idea of what happens when more than one person tells the same story in the same space using the same mode of public transportation.



Date: April 10, 2014

Time: 6:30 pm

Cost: $10


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