Past Projects

Here is our project gallery at a glance. Enjoy!

In Our Home


5 Playwrights + 5 Rooms=1 Dynamic Play.  Modern-Day Griot Theatre Company was proud to present In Our Home, our new experimental, interactive theatrical project. Playwrights of color probe the limits of intimacy in one act plays staged in the rooms of an actual Brooklyn home.

Photo Credit: Pharah Jean-Philippe

Performing the Streets

Commissioned by the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, in collaboration with the Downtown Brooklyn Arts Alliance, we set out to produce work that was showcased in a public setting (Muss Walkway right next to the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott). Our Project was called: What Happened...

Can more than one person tell the same story? What happens when someone describes an incident from his or her past? What if it's a group of "some ones"? Do our perceptions change as their genders change? Does it change with their age or appearance? We wanted to find out what happens when more than one person tell the same story.



​Photo Credit: Pharah Jean-Philippe and Damiane Quasean Nickles

Spiraling into Place

Spiraling into Place chronicled one woman’s journey through her life through intimate storytelling. These were workshop productions of a one-woman show currently in development.



Photo Credit: Pharah Jean-Philippe


for black boys who have considered homicide when the streets were too much


A powerful choreo-poem/play that depicted the harsh realities of street life, racial and economic injustice, mental slavery, hyper-masculinity and violence as faced by African-American males.

2012 NY IT Award Nominee in 4 Categories!

Photo Credit: Pharah Jean-Philippe

Lyrics in Motion


Where Poetry & Dance Collide. Lyrics in Motion is an experimental piece that combined the cadence of rhythm of the written word to the art of interpretative movement.

Photo Credit: Chioniso Connor and Pharah Jean-Philippe

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